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Blog: Enter Sandman

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As promised the other day, I've put the first of my regular columns for Sandman Magazine up in the ARTICLES section. As there'll be at least three of them I thought I'd keep them all together, so if you look in the Tales From The Conference League bit you'll find the ARCHIVE of... Well, just the one article so far, but there'll be more as time goes by!

I wasn't sure what they wanted me to write, so decided I'd do Lessons Learnt By ME From My Experiences In Conference League Level Bands, hence the title. ALSO hence the fact that it's basically a slightly better spelt and a LOT better proofread version of this blog, really, only usually written over the course of a weekend rather than as fast as my typing fingers can do it. The first one has, i think, quite a Good Point to make, see what you reckon!

posted 15/9/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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