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I've just had a bit of an update on the GIGS page, to add in trips to Cleator Moor and Woodhouse Eaves. The LATTER is the grand return of The Validators Christmas Party, which was so GRATE a couple of years ago. We're not sure whether or not we'll have ALL The Validators there, as one of our number is currently MOVING PENTHOUSE to a new SUITE, but however many of us are there it will surely be FULL OF FESTIVE CHEER. Cleator Moor, meanwhile, is almost definitely going to be the most ISOLATED AREA we've ever played in (NB not including times when the venue area has BECOME isolated once we've taken the stage) and as such is going to be a bit of an EXCITING ADVENTURE for me and Mr McClure to get to.

There's a few other gigs pending too - we'll hopefully be playing SOMEWHERE on October 12th (maybe Edinburgh, if not London) and MAYBE in Newcastle on October 14th if we can sort it out, and then there'll hopefully be a midweek ROCK EXTRAVAGANZA in Reading before the end of the year. I and/or WE would also be up for a LONDON gig towards Christmas time too - we got offered one somewhere lovely this very weekend, but unfortunately it clashed with Woodhouse Eaves... as is always the way.

ANYHOW, that's the ROCK ACTION update - more as we get it!

posted 18/9/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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