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Blog: Sailing Under Two Flags

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AVAST and YARR to one and all, SCURVY KNAVES OR NAY on this, International Pirate Day. If any of you ARE Pirates I hope you are having a lovely time, whether you be the type of pirate who sails the seven seas or, especially, if you're the sort who just stands around in pubs holding badly photocopied DVD covers, looking slightly depressed - not surprising really, i think i TOO would be depressed if I'd signed up for a life on the ocean wave and instead found myself trying to shift illegal copies of an Adam Sandler film.

ANYWAY, YO HO HO to one and all, for today is the day we commence CLONING this here blog. Me hearties. YASS, after much thought and a quick DRY RUN yesterday, I've decided I'm going to start sticking the daily BLOG bit over on the MYSPACE as well as the Usual Blog. My mentor ... sorry, CHIEF SWAB of Myspacing, Charlie Flowers of The Good Ship Fighting Cock, keeps telling me i gots to WORK the Myspace, so I thought this'd be as nice a way as any.

SO, if you're reading this in the usual place, FEAR NOT, all shall remain the same, and if you happen to be one of the YOUNG PEOPLE and are reading it on MYSPACE, why not pop over to when you've got a minute, and see all the exciting OTHER stuff we've got available?

Right then, I'm off to... um... splice the main brace?

posted 19/9/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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I hope you know about the relationship between global warming and the number of pirates? See here or Talk like a pirate day.
posted 19/9/2006 by Jon Pennycook

Indeed - Piracy is no laughing matter

It's a serious problem in modern society, and not something to be trivialised.
posted 20/9/2006 by Francis

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