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Blog: Last One On One

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It was Steve Lamacq's final Lamacq Live last night - a big occasion as it marks the end of one of the final BASTIONS of the anti-Hairy Cornflake LEAGUE on Radio One, as it gradually turns itself BACK into the "personality" and anti-music station it was during my YOUTH. HOWEVER, a NICE thing about it was his choice of FINAL SONG - US!!

YASS, the last hour of the show was a selection of some of the best sessions from Maida Vale, and for his PENULTIMATE track (the Online Tracklisting got it the wrong way round) he chose "You Know I Love You" by Pigeon Detectives - aaah! And then for his LAST EVER SONG on the show he played US doing The Lesson Of The Smiths! COR, eh? Also, COOL!

I must say it seems an odd choice tho. You'd've thought he would have chosen a song that could be seen to comment in some way about the fact he's leaving the show and his opinions about it, wouldn't you?

posted 19/9/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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