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Blog: Whatever next?

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I was AGOG at the NEWS today - what kind of crazy world do we live in? First of all there's that guy off of Top Gear. Apparently doing REALLY DANGEROUS THINGS is - get this! - REALLY DANGEROUS!!! AMAZING! They had an expert on the telly to say that driving at hundreds of miles an hour is actually DANGEROUS, which I obviously knew, but he then went on to say that the trouble with DANGEROUS THINGS is that there's a risk of DANGER in them, sometimes the kind that hurts!

As you can imagine i was REELING from this news, when I saw a report from a school that reported that - you may wish to brace yourself for this - Teenagers can be a bit ARSEY, and give the choice between food that's good for them and food that a) isn't and b) is a bit cheaper, they MAY sometimes go for the latter option. I COULD HARDLY BELIEVE MY EYES AND EARS!! I mean - teenagers? Being arsey? And not necessarily doing the best thing for them, but instead doing something which will make them look "hard" in front of their idiot friends? ZOUNDS!

Happily it's nearly the weekend and we can all look forward to enjoying the innocent, incident free and completely above board and uncomplicated world of The Football. PHEW!

posted 22/9/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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