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Blog: More Christmas

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You find me this morning a bit EXCITED re. Christmas, for LO! and also SING HOSANNA it is all going RATHER WELL so far. After a very pleasant Most Of The Weekend at my Mum's I got home and WRAPPED [almost] ALL of my family-based Christmas Presents (and in my family, this is a LOT) and then also PACKAGED [absolutely] ALL of the overseas presents that are required for sending to my Distant Siblings. I posted all those off at the post office this morning, and this lunchtime I'm off to send out my Christmas Cards.

So yes, i am feeling PRETTY DARN CHUFFED with myself at the moment, an can only apologise to anyone who HAS spoken to me in the past couple of days or WILL be speaking to me this week, as I fear i may be going ON about it a bit. As I may have noted elsewhere, last year I got back into the UK with about FIVE days to go before Christmas and we ended up doing it all at HIGH SPEED and missed some of the FUN bits, so this year I'm trying to (trying to - HAVE! HA! Did i mention I've done [nearly] all my Christmas Shopping?) get the BULK of it SORTED well in advance, so I can spend the next few weeks a) sorting out what I'm getting for members of my immediate household and b) going "TRA-LA! Merry Christmas one and all, MERRY CHRISTMAS!" possibly with added SKIPPING. Whoo! Christmas!

We put the Christmas Tree up in our house last night too. OH BOY! CHRISTMAS!

Meanwhile, in NON-christmas-related news, we went to see Casino Royale. The Double-0 In My Licence To Kill disagreed in the LEVEL of our Liking It (i didn't mind the lack of cohesive plot, she did) but we DID agree that a) the kissy kissy bits were a bit rubbish but b) the shooty bang bang bits were pretty GRATE. I also became over-excited at the VERY LAST LINE, and I thought the bits about Martini were quite funny, but CRUMBS, it doesn't half go on a bit doesn't it?

posted 4/12/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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you smug get ;)

it's nothing to be proud of, there is a certain MANLINESS to doing it all in the hour and a half after work of December payday, then flopping in the pub exhausted and having a lovely pint.
posted 5/12/2006 by CarsmileSteve

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