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Blog: Santa Is Coming

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I went out last night to Chicken Royale and had a LOVELY time. I didn't actually see much of any bands, but I did HANG OUT with The Cool Kids and have a nice chat, it was SMASHING. At one point we discussed whether or not it is CHRISTMAS yet: the answer, CLEARLY, is that it REALLY IS. Americans, they tell me, view THANKSGIVING as the start of Christmas, which is SLIGHTLY early, but I reckon that once the Advent Calendars are operational then it is MISTLETOE all the way for the next three and a bit weeks. CHRISTMAS!

With this in mind I've just updated out MYSPACE page with a whole SANTAS SATCHEL full of FESTIVE FUN. First up is The Advent Calendar Of FACT, which we recorded during the sessions for WE VALIDATE! but have so far only released on our Christmas Card/Compilation Kung Fu Santa With A Christmas Punchbag. I REALLY like this song - I wrote it especially for a session on Steve Lamacq's old Sunday Afternoon show, and have had very little chance to sing it since then, what with not doing any Christmas Gigs last year. I've just been learning it up again ready for the SLEW of gigs which commence TONIGHT in Cambridge, and have been very much enjoying it.

Secondly there's Give Us A Kiss For Christmas, our rather SWIFT Christmas Song from the Milk & Baubles EP, which I'm slightly amazed to find came out five YEARS ago. It was a HECK of a lot of fun recording I must say, I just wish it was a bit longer!

Finally we have a VERY special "Treat" from THE VAULTS in the form of Santa Is Coming, by the MIGHTY VOON! This is from a REALLY REALLY long time ago, and though my singing isn't perhaps QUITE as Angelic as it is these days, i trust you will agree that Dr Neil Brown's GTR playing is rather EXCELLENT. Also note: "sampling" done by ME using a tape recorder crouching in front of the telly at my Mum's house, as we were POOR STUDENTS and had no video, and indeed no TELLY. We were REALLY POOR!

Apologies, of course, to those of you who had very kindly used some of the old songs for your own profiles, I just hope these YULETIDE GOODIES will go some way towards making up for it! Merry Christmas, one and all!

posted 7/12/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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