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Two small THORTS for today, as I've been off POORLY today and yesterday, and thus have had time to percolate such things.

First of all, this story about David Cameron getting BUSTED for not having a tube ticket, am I being cynical, or could that have been CYNICALLY PLANNED, just so that they'd report the bit about him being on the way to a Morrissey gig? And also the FACT that he was only allowed out because his wife ("a hip hop fan" according to the paper) was already going to a Christmas Party - the implications being a) she doesn't like that sort of thing b) he REALLY does tho and so c) aah, bless - surely is PERFECTLY PLANNED to make his precise target audience (i.e. people like ME who'd NEVER even THINK of voting Tory) start to WARM to him even more. GODDAMIT Cameron, don't start going to see The Wedding Present, you'll give us all DARK NIGHTS OF THE SOUL!

Secondly, is it me, or does this years Christmas First Class Stamp look like Santa is taking a DUMP down the chimney?

posted 12/12/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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step away from the tory, everything's going to be alright...
posted 12/12/2006 by CarsmileSteve

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