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Blog: More Gigs... and GIG 50

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I've just updated the GIGS page with a few gigs for NEXT year - as I've said before, I'm going to try and do MUCH less gigging in 2007 as a) it is KNACKERING me out and b) I have a Decorations On My Christmas Tree who i would actually like to SEE a bit more often, but I am still planning to do SOME gigs - and these ones are all quite EXCITING!

In the meantime tho I've still got four more gigs to go to achieve my SLIGHTLY DAFT ambition to do fifty gigs in 2006, and last night i BOOKED what will (all being well) GIG 50! I've decided to do something a bit different for this one, and so have booked me a ROOM above a PUB in That London. Technically it is going to be a PRIVATE PARTY (INVITATIONS to be sent out in the next NEWSLETTER), and it's going to be A Bit Different. First of all there's going to be no PA used, it's going to be TOTALLY ACOUSTICAL. Secondly there won't be an entry fee, but there will (probably) be a RAFFLE to pay for the room hire - the prize will be a UNIQUE ROCK ARTIFACT to be created on the night. Thirdly ... er... there always has to be a thirdly doesn't there? Oh yeah, THIRDLY it will start and end EARLY so that people don't have to hang around too long after work, and also anyone who wants to get the train home can DO so - I'll be there from 7pm (ish), the MUSIC will begin at 8 o'clock (featuring ME and a couple of pals) and it should all be over WELL before 10pm, so's everyone can get home if they need to. It'll be at The Union Tavern in Clerkenwell, That London, on Friday December 29th, and hopefully it'll be a LOVELY end to a year packed full of ROCK!

MEANWHILE I'm back at work today with stuff to DO and NOTTINGHAM to catch a train to just before four o'clock, so I'd best get on!

posted 13/12/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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