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Blog: My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once

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I have been having to do lots of WORK at work this week (i know - the CHEEK!) so didn't have time to properly say, but Mr Steve Lamacq DID play one of our songs on his 6Music show on Tuesday, My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once, as part of a feature about ... well, people whose boss had been in an indie band once. He played the DEMO version that I recorded at Studio Sonic last year. If you'd like to hear it you can EITHER pop over to his webpage and LISTEN AGAIN to Tuesday's programme, or to our MYSPACE, where the full version awaits you. The picture that accompanies it, by the way, was done by TIM, it's him as seen on his company CV and is the SECOND bestest putative single cover he's designed this week... the other, hopefully, shall be unveiled SOON!

posted 2/2/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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marvellous, there.

i'd forgotten about the Nigel line, top work :)
posted 2/2/2007 by CarsmileSteve

Well said.
posted 23/10/2008 by Elin

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