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Blog: April: ROCK

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It was another weekend of ACTIVITY for me, as I pressed on with preperations for the next single. I LABORIOUSLY went through every single page of the multimedia, reformatting as I went, then went through again and re-wrote huge chunks of it (especially the annotations) and PROOFED it all. Not for the first time, i had a small attack of THE BOGGLY EYES from glaring at my computer.

That done I set to MASTERING the single itself. This was made MUCH easier on our Exciting New Computer, although once again I was forced to acknowledge how VERY MANY programs there were on the old one which I need to re-install, especially the ones for MANIPULATING SOUND. Still, I think I pretty much got it sorted, and then felt THE MASSIVE FEAR as the time came to stick it ALL on a CD. On previous occasions this has been an IMMENSE palaver, usually involving several DAYS and TENS of CDs as I tried and failed to get it right, using different machines and going to and fro between home and work to TEST each attempt. THIS time our Super-Modern WONDER MACHINE did it pretty much first go, and then with a flourish knocked off copies for The Validators in about ten minutes FLAT. I was CHUFFED!

SIDEBAR: Coo, it really is amazing though. I bought a Memory Card for our new camera on Saturday morning and when I'd finally stopped GOGGLING at the FACT that such a tiny little thing could contain SO MANY photographs i commenced GOGGLING all over again at the FACT that our computer has a SLOT for memory cards in the front of it. How did we FUNCTION without all this TECHNOLOGY eh? It be AMAZING!

Anyway, I then "tested" all the new CDs by listening to each and everyone of them, and I must say I was IMPRESSED by how GRATE it sounds! I've not listened to Never Going Back To Aldi's for AGES and had forgot how ACE it is, and Other Bands Setlists is sounding pretty NIFTY too. It all hangs together really well, I think, and the RADIO EDIT of The Lesson Of The Smiths (i.e. with swearing REMOVED) is a constant source of JOY to me.

Copies went in the post to Validators this morning, for their final approval, and I understand from various conversations with our ART DIRECTOR on Sunday (hem hem) at Little Star Designs that the single sleeve art is very nearly finished too - and it is GRATE. If all goes well then we should have everything ready to send off to the manufacturers by the end of the week, which in turn means we SHOULD be able to get it out some time in April! Clear your diary for the month, then, for ROCK!

posted 5/2/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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