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Blog: Closer and Closer

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Here at VALID COMMAND CENTRE we're inching ever closer to COMPLETION of the next single. We've now pretty much agreed the final cover, Tim's done a GRATE design for the CD onbody, and CDs of the DISC itself are now with all Validators for final approval. All we need now is a QUOTE from the manufacturers, a big fat CHEQUE from "the label" (i.e. ME) and a bit of work over the weekend putting everything together, and we're ready to GO! WHOO!

After that it'll be time for me to sit down and try and work out who to SEND it to. So far all I've thought of really is Everyone At BBC6, as that's all I ever tend to listen to, so if anyone reading this has any GOOD IDEAS about radio places we should think of sending it too, also OTHER MEDIA, then i would be very grateful indeed!

posted 7/2/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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