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Blog: Do The Indie Kid

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"Surely there can't be ANOTHER new song?" I hear you cry (as if in PAIN), and the answer is PRETTY MUCH, YES!

Today's hot new sound is Do The Indie Kid, although to be honest it's not ENTIRELY brand spanking new, as it's a re-working of the second (of three) ideas I had for a tune we JAMMED at our last practice. What happened was I sent The Vlads mp3s of the songs I recorded yesterday, including Love Instead, which was ALSO based on that tune. It did not meet, shall we say, with unanimous approval, so I went BACK to this song and wrote it all up again from scratch. I actually finished it off sat here at work, so haven't had a chance to sing it properly yet, but so far am LIKING it for a variety of reasons, SPECIAL amongst these being the FACTS that it contains a) French b) it's own DANCE MOVES and c) a JAZZ FREAKOUT. Whether THIS version ever makes it as far as a recording, however, is in the hands of the Gods... of ROCK!

posted 15/2/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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