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Blog: They Wanna Make A T-Shirt Outta Yr Dreams

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I tell you what, it's all GO round here, so much so i shall have to RATION the FACT in order to prevent people's THRILL-BUFFERS from over-loading!

So, with due care and consideration, here's some news of a NEW RELEASE - it's called They Wanna Make A T-Shirt Outta Yr Dreams, a new compilation from those delightful chaps at Cowboy Democracy featuring my previously unreleased solo acoustical rendering of Sod It, Let's Get Pissed along with songs from Lardpony, Mr Pete Green and a whole BUNCH of others. You can get it INCREDIBLY CHEAPLY from their website or STREAM it in the Modern Fashion from their Last FM page, but honestly, for the price they're asking, it almost seems daft NOT to make the purchase!

That said, I'm hoping to GRAPPLE a free copy out of them on Friday, when Lardpony (for it is they who are behind it all) play at The Buffalo Bar... if, that is IF, i can only get myself HEALED in time!

posted 21/2/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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