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Blog: Save A Meadow (again)

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A few days ago I mentioned that I'd written the song Save A Meadow in answer to a CALL FOR SONGS from the people campaigning to save Warneford Meadow. John The Publisher sends these on to me every now and then, like the time I wrote She Tastes Like Sugar for a Soft Drink Commercial's Call For Songs, without noticing the DOUBLE ENTENDRE inherent in the title.

Anyway, he sent it off to them and this week we heard that they REALLY LIKED IT, and wanted to USE it! HOORAH! It's all quite exciting, tho i am HOLDING BACK on getting myself all worked up about it, in case nothing actually comes of it. However, yesterday I spoke to the chap in charge of the campaign and he seemed a) very nice b) very KEEN, and had all sorts of GRATE ideas about getting the song out and about to help the campaign. If HALF the things he wants to do come off it is going to be a whole HEAP of fun, but as I say, I am holding on to expectations until we get properly going.

I tell you what though, it'd probably be a good idea if I sat down and learnt the words properly wouldn't it? HELLO WEEKEND!

posted 23/2/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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