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It's that time of the month again, as i REAP the whirlwind of OutOfOffice Autoreplies that IS sending out this month's copy of The Last Working Day Of The Month. As ever, if you're NOT on the Mighty Mailing List and would LIKE to be, please stroll calmly over to the SIGN UP page and SIGN UP! As well as getting the newsletter HAND DELIVERED to your email every month you'll also get VERY occasional updates on gigs in your HOOD, also special EXCITING MESSAGES, also OFFERS, when we have new material out. It's DEAD GOOD, honest!

Included in this month's issue are a couple of changes to the GIGGING ITINERARY as I will now NOT be playing in Nottingham on March 28th (REALLY sorry to everyone involved re. this, especially after having such a nice time last time) but WILL now be playing in Brixton on March 29th, which is the rescheduled date from the one I had to cancel when I was POORLY. There's actually quite a few new GIGS that have been listed recently, including my first ever trip to NEWCASTLE, as we gradually LIMBER UP for getting all these new songs sorted out. SUCH are the levels of EXCITEMENT and MOTIVATION at the moment that I'm EVEN thinking that we might get another EP or even MINI-ALBUM released by the end of the year!

This may, of course, change DRASTICALLY when we actually get going, but still - WHOO! SONGS AHOY!

posted 28/2/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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