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FINALLY, after getting ready for it for SEVEN months, our Exciting New Single, The Lesson Of The Smiths/The Gay Train is officially RELEASED today - HOORAH! If you'd like a copy of it you can find out the MANY delightful AND convenient ways to do so over on its own page, and if you'd like a PREVIEW LISTEN you can get that on our MYSPACE page.

I'm EXTREMELY glad to have reached this stage at last I must say - I'm VERY pleased with how the single turned out, but BY HECK it didn't half take a lot of effort to get it here!

And in other news, the fact that it's the last working day of the month means that another issue of our fabulously factual monthly newsletter, NEWSLETTER has just been sent out, PACKED with thrilling news of a SCINTILLATING nature. As ever, if you're NOT on the mailing list and would like to take advantage of its monthly updates, last minute local gig ALERTS and occasional SPECIAL OFFERS (and, in a SANE WORLD, who wouldn't?) then do please SIGN UP. It's free and, frankly, it's QUITE GOOD.

posted 30/4/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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