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Blog: Ten Years Ago To This Very Day

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Crikey, it doesn't SEEM like it, but indeed it WAS a DECADE ago now that Tony Blair became Prime Minister, on a GORGEOUS sunny day just like today, which felt like (because it was!) one of the GRATEST days of my entire life. I'd had a BRILLIANT night round at Tim's flat (above a Kebab shop on Narborough Road) watching the results with him and Simon From Voon, cheering and shouting so much (especially when Portillo went) that the people from the shop came running upstairs, thinking there must be a FITE going on. We drank and cheered and couldn't believe our EYES as FINALLY we realised that the Tories were being deposed, something which had seemed impossible for so long. I went home as the sun came up for a couple of hours sleep, and next day watched Jim Callaghan being interviewed on Breakfast Telly and then just to be OUTSIDE in the sunshine with - it seemed - everybody else, wandering in a DAZE of GIDDY DISBELIEF.

Obviously it's all RATHER DIFFERENT now, but I'm still surprised when I hear people (almost always under 30) claiming that Tony Blair is EVIL or the WORSE PRIME MINISTER EVER. Yes, it's all gone rather tits up and he probably WILL only be remembered for Iraq, but they HAVE done some good things, and even the stupid/wrong things they've done (apart, obviously for Iraq) always seemed, to me, to be a result of IDIOCY or INCOMPETENCE. I think the thing is I'll always be comparing them to the Tories, who always seemed to be GLEEFULLY pursuing policies of PURE EVIL on PURPOSE, going all out to DESTROY everything about this country that I personally consider to be a GOOD THING, and being PROUD about it. Maybe the fact that the current government always seems to be trying (cack handedly) to cover things up is because they at least feel some SHAME for what they've done?

Perhaps it'll be better if Politics goes back to how it was pre-Thatcher, with the ruling parties changing over more often and policies across the board being fairly similar. It already feels to me like I lived through HISTORICAL HISTORY in the eighties and nineties, growing up under the shadow of Nuclear War with bombs going off here and in Ireland, and Thatcher and cronies trying to sell off every asset of the nation and grind down anything LOVELY into the ground, in a way that HOPEFULLY we shall never see again and...

Hang on, I've just realised what it is I'm ACTUALLY saying! All together now:


And no, you can't have your ball back!

posted 1/5/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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