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Blog: Strange Days And Pod CASTing

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You find me this morning a little GIDDY with oddness, after a swift and slightly KRAZY correspondence with someone at the Political Unit at BBC Northern Ireland, asking about using our song Good Luck In Your New Job for a TV programme about, I presume, the (suddenly, heart-warmingly, but MIND SHOCKINGLY) happy and laughing Messrs Paisley and McGuiness taking on their new positions this week. As it happens it looks like they'll probably not be using it now (note to self: in future, don't let them actually HEAR the song!), but it was one of those moments where the foundations of the Universe QUIVER and you think "Is this really happening?"

In a similar vein, there seem to be a number of people who i haven't even MET saying nice things about us these days, which always seems ODD to me - like in Sheffield on Monday, when people seemed to know the words and I kept thinking "But HOW?" I know, in theory, that you can buy our stuff off the interweb without me knowing about it, or hear it on the radio, but I've never really believed that anyone ever _did_. Anyway, once such chunk of niceness is occurring RIGHT NOW over at the esteemed music blog Spoilt Victorian Child, which was pointed out to me this morning by Steve from Johnny Domino. I'm obviously pleased that he likes our stuff SO much, and especially that he's picked something as relatively obscure (i.e. in a field of songs where it's ALL pretty obscure) as Post-Subsonic Bass, but the thing i like most is that he calls us "STAUNCHly Indie". YEAH!

Rather brilliantly the same chap TALKS US UP on this week's Contrast Podcast, which us rather thrilling. Look at us - Radio 2 one week, PODCASTS the next, are we not a MODERN RENNAISSANCE EXPERIENCE?

And talking of podcasts, you can also hear me BANGING ON over on the Shadowplayboys podcast, featuring the previously mentioned DEBUT for A Million Ukeleles amongst MUCH chat various. You can also see a picture of me GRIPPING the two young chaps involved, looking worryingly FAGIN-ESQUE.

And finally, there's a LOVELY review of my gig a few weeks ago at the Whitechapel Gallery over on the Velvet Sheep Myspace Page. It's written by the chap who organised it, so i guess he COULD be a little biased, but I was pleased to see (from the SquidVicar review) that i wasn't my PARANOIA, and there WERE rather a lot of Soho Haircut TYPES there - it was a lovely night, but by the end of the evening i felt VERY sensibly dressed!

Blimey, that's a WEEK'S worth of FACT in one go - i think I'd better go and have a lie down!

posted 9/5/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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I for one was really glad that Simon played your track on this week's Contrast Podcast. You'll notice that I liked it cos I stuck it near the front ;) Anyway, we have episodes where musicians introduce their own songs and it would be great to hear you on one of those. Please get it touch if you'd like to. Cheers, Tim
posted 9/5/2007 by Tim Young

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