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Blog: Hibbett: The Final Sanction

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The latest issue of WORD Magazine came through the letterbox a few days, and in amongst the usual heap of GRATE THINGS in it was a competition, asking people to work out versions of popular hits, film themselves playing them on a single simple instrument, post it up on YouTube, and send it in.

Obviously, normally this would have passed me by except for the following FACTS: 1. The Lens On My Camera is AWAY for a few days, so i am at a slight LOOSE END 2. I recently bought myself a digital camera, which has VIDOE on it 3. The chords to "Boom Shake The Room" are just as easy on ukelele as they are on a guitar. THUS i got home and spent a hard working half hour working through the Not Very Clear At All instructions for my camera then filming myself doing aforesaid song, signing up for a YouTube account, and then sitting and watching my slow old computer load it up. This involved me having to do THREE new things with technology (work a digital video camera, transfer the file to my computer, do YouTube STUFF) and so imagine my surprise to find out that - OMG! - it actually worked!

Imagine my FURTHER surprise when, two hours later (i.e. after a GRATE episode of House and an AS EVER quite good in places but generally a bit perplexing/nonsensical episode of Shark) I found that I had made the TOP of the FRONT PAGE of the WORD Magazine webpage. They're basically saying "If at least ONE other person doesn't enter this competition then THIS idiot is going to be playing on our stage - SORT IT OUT!"


As I say though, it was INCREDIBLY easy to do, so I'm now thinking of OTHER things I could do, like MAYBE some sort of regular gig thing - you know, like Sandi Thom, but REAL - or something like that. I don't know,I'll have a think, but in the mean time, LUMME, there's LOADS more videos of me on there that I didn't know about, like on Phoenix FM a few weeks ago, or even a bit of the Shadowplay interview from Monday. How exciting!

I tell you what, this YouTube thing, I think it might just catch on!

posted 10/5/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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Love the new West Ham quip; better than the Rooney one ;)
posted 12/5/2007 by Matt (AFCW)

I will challenge you, Hibbett! If I can find a camera...

What's the deadline?

"Tom Lardpony performs SECRET HIT #31 on SECRET INSTRUMENT #11" coming to a youtube near you... SOON
posted 16/5/2007 by Tom

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