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Blog: It's The Red Arrows!

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I was watching News 24 today, as one does if one wishes to be kept up with current events, and thus got a whole HEAP of FACT about the 25th Anniversary of the Falklands Conflict. Now, I was obviously ALIVE at this time and so have much in the way of THORT about it... all of which EVAPORATED completely when i realised HANG ON - there's going to be a FLYPAST, and LAST time that happened the entire LOT flew directly over our house! OH BOY!

We heard the noise of helicopters and rushed out to find whole formations of them whooshing over. This was QUITE exciting, but not quite what I expected. We went back inside and a minute or two later saw the same helicopters going over the Mall. It was only then I realised that aeroplanes go CONSIDERABLY FASTER than helicopters, so would probably be going over RIGHT ABOUT NOW. Just then there was a MIGHTY ROAR and a whole FLYING V flew over us. BRILLIANT!

Global Warning, the complexities of international conflict, ALL THAT disappeared as I leapt up and down going "IT'S A NIMROD! WHOOOO!" Am I alone in this, or does it affect Gentlemen Generally? It was VERY EXCITING INDEED, ESPECIALLY when THE RED ARROWS flew over. THE RED ARROWS!

This was all ON TOP of watching last night's Doctor Who on video this morning (ZANG!). I think I may need to have a little bit of a lie down.

posted 17/6/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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