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Blog: Birthday Fun

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Thanks VERY much to everyone for the Birthday cards/text messages/Myspace/Facebook/Email/FUTURISTIC HOLOGRAM greetings yesterday, I must say it was a BLOODY GRATE birthday! I spent the morning sitting around in bed drinking tea, having a bath, sorting out some PERSONAL ADMIN (and OH! the simple joy of seeing my INBOX reduced to ZERO!) and then making my Cheese & Salad Cream Sandwiches, featuring materials specially bought for me that morning by the Salad Cream In My Cheese & Salad Cream Sandwich. As I've explained VARIOUS times, I've been on a DIET for the past eight weeks which has always had the GLITTERING PRIZE of cheese & salad cream sandwiches at the end of it it. I'd thus looked forward to them for a LONG time, although when I was chopping bread, grating cheese, and tidying up afterwards i DID think "Blimey, is it WORTH all this flipping effort?"

Friends, it REALLY REALLY REALLY was! OH BOY! I've not had them for AGES, but BY HECK a properly made cheese and salad cream sandwich (feat. Malted Bread, proper Heinz Salad Cream and West Country Farmhouse Cheddar, GRATED) is a thing of RARE JOY AND BEAUTY! MAN!

There was then a HOUSEHOLD CRISIS when one of our cats decided to go on a MOUSE HUNT, which was a bit distressing, before we headed out to the pictures to see Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer. It was DEAD GOOD - OK, it's not very DEEP or DARK or PSYCHOLOGICALLY CHALLENGING, it was in fact JUST LIKE THE COMICS. And HEY! Call me crazy, but if you're going to adapt superheroes for the FILMS, might it not be a good idea to make them ACTUALLY LIKE SUPERHERO COMICS? I do get a bit fed up with superhero films that spend all their time saying "No, this isn't a superhero film, it's a tense, dark portrayal of a troubled BLAH BLAH BLAH BORING BORING BORING!" COME ON! If you really MUST make a film where everyone spends all their time EMOTING and sitting around in DARK ROOMS then you don't really need to BUY the licence for a superhero to do it, do you? The GRATE thing about Superhero Comics is that they're PACKED FULL of IDEAS and MASSIVE EXCITEMENT and - hey hey hey - FUN and JOKES and LARFS! THAT is what is GRATE about them, so why not make some films like THAT eh?

Or, to put it another way, i THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. I would have liked a bit MORE saying of the catchphrases, FITES and EXPLOSIONS, but still it was FUN. I especially liked the way they a) changed some things to make them BETTER and b) kept in loads of references like Frankie Raye and ESPECIALY the SHADOW of Galactus the first time we see him. THAT was cool!

Anyway, we then went home, pottered about, and then i opened PRESENTS (HOORAH!) and we ate CURRY while watching the last Andrew Marr documentary, which was BRILLIANT. I was a very happy Hibbett, even though i was a little taken aback by the SIZE of the TREACLE PUDDING which I had demanded... although that didn't stop me from WOLFING it down. BRILLIANT!

So yes, it was a GRATE birthday - when's the next one?

posted 20/6/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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