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Blog: Practicing And Pimping

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PHEW - the SALES RUSH has calmed down a bit, which is actually something of a RELIEF, but there's not that many copies of the new album LEFT now, so if you'd like one I would very much invite GETTING IN!

Meanwhile, i have been PRACTICING! It may be SCARCELY BELIEVABLE if you have seen my slick, professional on-stage performances, but this is not something i actually DO very often. I know, you're all astonished aren't you? I thought it'd be a GOOD IDEA last night as I've got three gigs coming up in different ARRANGEMENTS. Tonight I'm playing this Shortfuse Poetry night on a UKELELE, mostly because i am BALLROOM DANCING beforehand and don't want to lug my guitar along with me, but also because i thought it would be FUN. The only trouble is I wasn't sure I have enough songs that i can PLAY on the uke, but i checked, and i do, just about.

Tomorrow night it's off to Sheffield with The Vlads and as, under the terms of the New Songs Fair Warning Agreement, Tim has given me over 48 hours notice of his intention of putting a NEW SONG into the set, i thought i ought to try and LEARN it - if you come and notice we DO play We Can Start Having Fun you'll know we've NOT done a Gordon Brown.

And then it's a solo spot in MIDDLESBOROUGH on Sunday, which will be quite relaxing in comparison!

Anyway, the other thing I wanted to mention that the fantastic LARDPONY band, currently on universal MATERNITY LEAVE, have put their latest album The Greatest Invention Ever online for FREE, HERE! I would HEARTILY recommend getting it, as it's BRILLIANT, especially "My Robot Son" which, frankly, gets me all teary eyed. Free Music from The Interweb? It's like RADIOHEAD, but BETTER!

posted 11/10/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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