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Blog: Sales Points

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As I've doubtless mentioned before, we're going to try and do as much of our SALES for this album ONLINE using PayPal. People have said to me "ooh, isn't that a bit risky, don't they sometimes not pay out everything?" but for as far as i can see a) they've been ACE so far and b) at least it's not like a Distribition Company who NEVER pay you and, in fact, DEMAND you give them money for delivering things to you.

HOWEVER i do know that some people get a bit scaredy of the whole online purchasing SCENE, and indeed there are a few people left who actually like going into record shops, so I'm trying to find a few LOVELY shops who'll stock it. The idea is that, when I send out my MASS MAILINGS, I will at least be able to say "You can get it in Forever Changes in Sheffield" (for example), "Go there!"

I'll let you know what happens!

posted 1/7/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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