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Blog: Black Looks In The Post Office

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I got into work a bit late this morning, having spent a happy 10 minutes REALLY ANNOYING a long queue of people in Leytonstone Post Office, gradually getting STAMPS for a big chunk of the "A Million Ukeleles" mailout... for LO! It is all pretty much PACKED.

Last week I emailed everyone on the MAILING LIST with an EARLY BIRD OFFER to get IN and make sure they got a copy of A Million Ukeleles. QUITE A LOT of people did (so there's only about 25 copies left now), and a SURPRISINGLY LARGE amount of those people bought t-shirts too - so many,in fact, that i had to RE-STOCK. On Sunday and Monday I made up most of the remaining copies of the album itself, and so yesterday was PACKING DAY. I spent an hour or so in the morning doing the mailout for people who just bought CDs and taking them to to post office, and then last night we set up a PRODUCTION LINE at home to do the COMBO DEAL people. The Landlady stood at the ironing board gently FOLDING each and every t-shirt and putting it in the correct envelopes, while i dealt with labels, sorting, and writing letters, leaving The Glue In My Self-Sealing Envelope to put letters, badges and CDs in the finished be-shirted package. After an hour of FRENZIED activity we were DONE, and the room was FULL of stuffed envelopes, like a bus full of happy schoolchildren after a SLAP UP FEED.

There were too many of them to post all in one go, so I'm going to do the second half tomorrow, then all i need to do is make five more ALBUMS (as I'd not coloured in enough!), pack three more envelopes (not enough t-shirts brought home) and we're all DONE! THUS I'm hoping that TOMORROW I can make it all available to everybody else, along with a rather NATTY redesign for the whole website. Come back tomorrow to see if i actually get round to DOING it!

posted 17/10/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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