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Blog: Radio One!

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HOORAH! That nice young man Huw Stephens played Pass It On, from off of A Million Ukeleles last night! I, of course, was far away in the land of NOD by then, and now can't get the Listen Again thingy to work, but if anyone did hear it, let me know!

posted 18/10/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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The "Listen Again" thing seems to work fine now on the BBC site (tried around 8pm tonight). If you want to fast forward to the MJ Hibbett bit, it's on around 42:20 or so (so use the fast forward 5/15 mins facility to get there...) and it's all yours.

Huw even mentioned about how kids are being taught the ukelele in schools now. Hoo bloody rah to that, I say.
posted 18/10/2007 by Warren

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