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Blog: Passing Through The System Like Kidney Stones

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This morning, on the advice of The Punctuation In My Sentence, i sent out an email to some of the people to whom I'd sent promo copies of A Million Ukeleles, asking if they'd GOT it yet, and including the press release and GIGS. I've started to worry/get upset about the whole thing, as i had a big plan worked out TWO MONTHS in advance for getting the CDs out to everyone in good time for the release day (Monday!) and then the TOUR. It was all worked out PRECISELY... and then completely fell apart due to the postal strike.

I didn't really MIND that, as there was still plenty of time for them to get there, but that it's dragged on THIS long is a bit flipping frustrating - I know it's not the end of the world, but after all that EFFORT to get it done properly i am a bit CHEESED OFF. I felt even MORE cheesed off when, having emailed PROMO people and a selection of PURCHASERS also, i got a steady stream of emails saying "No, not got it yet". ARGH! DARK THOUGHTS of pressing MORE CDs and sending out EMERGENCY COPIES started to cross my mind... until two small GLIMMERS of light broke through, with sightings in Middlesborough and Ipswich!

HOORAH! At least TWO plucky little CDs have made it through the backlog, and we must hope that they are but the HARBINGERS of a mighty FLOOD of copies, skipping and jumping through the postal system, FREE AT LAST from the great postal backlog MOUNTAIN! The last few t-shirt/CD COMBO orders were sent out this morning, so hopefully they'll all be arriving within the next few days, and HEY! If you've not ordered yours yet, GET IN, there's not many left!

posted 19/10/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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