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Blog: Songs And Stock-Taking

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This weekend was the first weekend in AGES I've had completely at home, so took FULL advantage and undertook a FRENZY of activity. I've got a few COMPILATIONS to do tracks for at the moment, which is ALWAYS fun, and managed to get a couple of them sorted out. The first was a version of "Little Donkey", for a Christmas Compilation being done by Don't Start Feeling All Romantic, which involved quite a lot of UKELELE but was otherwise fairly straightforward. LESS so was an attempt on "Saddle Up" by The Weisstronauts, which I was doing for the Stereoriffic 10th Anniversary Covers Album. I was DETERMINED to do SOMETHING from their marvellous album Featuring "Jaunty", because a) it's GRATE and b) i listened to it A LOT during some TRYING TIMES towards the end of my days in Leicester, and it meant a LOT to me then. I originally PLUMPED for "Psychadelic Whiplash", as it had some WORDS in, but having been informed that that was a cover ALREADY i went for "Saddle Up", as it has SAMPLES in it.

OH what FUN I had recording it - it took me a while to work out the chords, but after that it was LARKS APLENTY, with pretty much EVERY instrument I own (barring recorder [wrong key] and penny whistle [sounded horrible]) being brought into play and then a LOT of messing about with vocal effects. I was VERY chuffed with the end result!

Apart from that I did a WHOLE HEAP of ROCK ADMINISTRATION. I finished off the very last few copies of A Million Ukeleles, and then sorted out the STOCK of T-Shirts, which had got into some DISARRAY. With THAT done I turned my beady eye upon the REST of the stock, and spent a very happy hour or so RATIONALISING my CD storage - different CDs had got into all sorts of different boxes which lived in various parts of the house, so I brought them all together and put them in their own CLEARLY LABELLED boxes. This morning at work i noted YET MORE lurking around here, so this week I'll get THEM taken home and properly put away too. I had a few more ORDERS to sort out last night and it was A THING OF HUGE DELIGHT to think "Hmm, a small t-shirt? I know EXACTLY where that'll be"!

One result of the STOCK CHECK was a Heightened Awareness of what I've actually GOT. There's LOADS of boxes of Warriors Of Nanpantan, which surprised me as I thought we'd sold quite a few of those, but then realised it LOOKS like there's more of those than other stuff, just because that's the most recent thing we've put out that was in the big old fashioned CD Jewel Cases. It has to be said, the decision to go to WALLETS for all subsequent releases was based LESS on AESTHETIC APPEAL than on STORAGE! That said, there's still MASSES of copies of Better Things To Do and The Uberset, so I've decided to take a big box full of them and GIVE THEM AWAY on tour! As young Mr Pilkington is coming along to do the MERCHANDISING we'll be a bit more ORGANISED than the usual Sweaty Hibbett Immediately Post-Gig state of SALES AFFAIRS, so I think what we'll do is give ONE CD away if you buy ONE thing, and BOTH if you buy two or more. How about that? Either way it should clear a bit of space - we're turning our spare room into my STUDIO/OFFICE/WAREHOUSE soon (Excitement Level: HIGH!) so I'll need a bit of room for BOOKS and things, not to mention the re-issue of This Is Not A Library!

posted 22/10/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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