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Blog: Release Day!

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Today's the day that A Million Ukeleles is officially released, and I'm RATHER pleased to see that it's now available to download from iTunes (other download services are available... but I'm not sure where they are). There's still a few hand-made copies available, but if you want one I'd GET IN this week, as any that are left will be coming on tour with me!

To CELEBRATE this Absolutely Momentious Occassion, i FINALLY got around to doing another YouTube Video. This time it's me doing a (slightly quick, vaguely error-prone) version of the title track, A Million Ukeleles, also featuring LIVE ACTION FOOTAGE of the Ukelele t-shirt! I will HONESTLY try and do a couple more soon!

posted 22/10/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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HI, just to let you know I recieved my copy thru the mail Monday morning. Sounds great and the T shirt is FAB, cheers.

posted 23/10/2007 by Simon McDonald

Hello Mark.

My copy arrived today (31/10/2007) at last. I think the sorting office people are striking - the Post Office decided that Reading is now too small for a sorting office, and is shipping it out west to Swindon soon. This is causing havoc with my post.
posted 31/10/2007 by Jon Pennycook

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