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Blog: Oh what a beautiful inbox

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My email inbox was a LOVELY thing to see this morning. You know some days you get in to work and all you've got waiting for you is a couple of those new "enlrrrge yXr Mmmember" junk emails and one from a message group you haven't got round to unsubscribing from yet? [ this is almost 21st Century BLUES isn't it, Future Kids?] Today was the EXACT OPPOSITE, as it was RAMMED with individudal points of JOY.

There was an email from Tim The Celebrity Drummer, forwarding a conversation he'd had with WILL HUNG out of "I,Ludicrous"! Various people emailed to say they'd be coming to some of the forthcoming GIGS (including tomorrow night at The Verge)! Eddy from Hull asked when we'd like to go up and do a Validators gig there! Mr Whitaker sent me his Quite Charming THORTS about the AAS back catalogue (which will be appearing on the multimedia section of the 5 Year Celebration Compilation), and finally I got a message from Mr L Christian Lundholm, AAS's very own minimalist composer, saying he might be coming over here to do some gigs!

PHEW! I tell you this, i was bloody KNACKERED by the time I'd read it all, but jolly CHUFFED.

posted 3/7/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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