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Blog: Housekeeping

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I'm dashing around today getting myself sorted out for THE TOUR, so here's a few quick things before I set off:

ITEM! Friday's gig in Stoke Newington has been rescheduled, and will now be taking place in DECEMBER, which means the next London gig is next Tuesday at The Lamb with Pete Wiess. Do come if you can, he's from America!

ITEM! I've just recorded an intro for the next Artists Introduce edition of the Contrast Podcast. The song i'm introducing is A Million Ukeleles, with a new sort of version of the song in the background of the intro. I think it's out quite soon, but will FACT it here when I knew for sure.

ITEM! As promised there's a new article up on the Pop Art Digest. Like last time this one features VIOLENCE but, honestly, it'll calm down a bit soon!

ITEM! There's only about 15 handmade copies of A Million Ukeleles left now, and I'm going to be taking those on tour with me, so I'm going to take them off the webpages for now - if there's any left when I get back there'll be available again, but your best bet will be to come along to the gigs!

And that's pretty much all the FACT we need to know for now - I'll try and report back from THE ROAD as I go along, and hopefully see a few of you along the way!

posted 29/10/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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