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I've just stuck up the latest of the My Exciting Life In ROCK articles over on the PopArt Digest. Debate has recently RAGED (well, happened anyway) over whether I can rightly call this a COLUMN, or whether it's just a common or garden BLOG, with the term BLOGUMM being proposed as a replacement, so that's what it is. BLOGGUM.

There's four of them up there now and I'm planning to PLOUGH ON and try and do fifty or so and then maybe DO something with them. What this something might be i know not, but here in day two of Post-Tour/Back To Work FED UP-NESS it's nice to have a "something" on the boil!

Mind you, i'm back in ROCK tonight, at the Totally Acoustic gig with Mr Pete Weiss. I must remember not to get TOO excited about him being an American and DEMAND he introduce me to Spider-Man. Wish me luck!

posted 6/11/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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