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After the KRAZY brush with the NME yesterday I've had a look and found a couple of nice reviews of A Million Ukeleles online. First of all there's Mr John Kell - i was about to type YOUNG Mr John Kell, but decided against so doing for reasons noted in the review!

Next we have a rather jolly run though over on To Hell With, where he rather pleasingly picks out the quote from the back of the booklet. It is a quote by which one can LIVE ONE'S LIFE!

And finally, there's a new interview with Mr Phil Wilson at Caught In The Carousel, which has LOTS of VERY EXCITING news about him getting out On The Road again, and there being MORE new songs to come - I've heard "I Own It", mentioned in the interview, and it is BLOODY GRATE! He also very kindly mentions ME towards the end, which was DEAD NICE and made me MUCH/EVEN more Actually Pleased than the NME bit yesterday!

posted 9/11/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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