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MORE reviews! I've found a couple more mentions of A Million Ukeleles on the wonderful worldwide interweb. First of all there's a rather nice one at New Noise, which is especially keen on the booklet. I'm thinking maybe I made the packaging TOO nice, as people do seem to talk about it slightly more than the actual music!

There's another good one from those young tykes at Shadowplay, who get EXTRA thanks for mentioning the BASS. This makes me happy!

And over in the world of RADIO we learn that A Million Ukeleles is going to be Rocker's featured album on Dandelion Radio next month, which is rather brilliant. Voting is still open for their Festive 50 you know. I'm just saying...

Meanwhile, here on the Physical Plane, myself and The Sauce On My Pasta went to THE FENS at the weekend to see my parents, and discovered an entire GUITAR belonging to me, hiding in the garage. This was rather ACE as I've been meaning to buy a new electrical guitar as a SPARE for future gigs, so it was DELIGHTFUL to realise i'd already got one. I THINK I bought it about eight years ago when first gigging with The Vlads, and ending up borrowing one of Frankie's instead. I'm PAINTING my new DEN at home at the weekend, and once that's done i shall commence moving my ARMOURY of GUITARS in there! ZANG!

posted 12/11/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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