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Blog: No Sales: No Sellout

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I spent a happy hour or so last night putting the finishing touches to the Multimedia Aspect of the AAS 5th Birthday Compilation CD. It's looking pretty darned groovy I must say, and it sounds WEIRD. Going back and listening to the lead tracks off the first few singles was a REVELATION - especially hearing how GRATE the Pala track sounds, and how RUM "Clubbing In The Week" is - and I WHOOPED with joy to hear such a SLEW of fantastic songs one after the other. We haven't half released some KER-RAZY TOONS in our time!

I'm off to the manufacturers' at lunch time to set the ball rolling - copies should be available in a few weeks at the two 5th Birthday gigs. Wahey!

posted 4/7/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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