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Blog: Sick Note

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Sorry for the SILENCE on these pages this week, it has been caused by SICKNESS: THE OLD TROUBLE. It's a slightly depressing OLD GIMMER'S AILMENT i get where, if i get a bit TIRED or run down (poor old fella) and then do some EXERTION on top of it then... well, not to put too fine a point on it, i get absolutely knackered, nauseous, headache-y and by bottom goes bright red. Oh yes. Annoying AND hilarious at the same time. Luckily there IS a cure for it (going and lying in bed for 24 hours, feeling sorry for myself) which i TOOK and all is on the mend now, but it's still a bit wearying. This time it was brought on by a long weekend followed by GIVING BLOOD on Tuesday afternoon. That is correct: it was my own HEROIC DETERMINATION TO CURE OTHERS that caused me to become unwell myself. The things I do for a free packet of biscuits...

Otherwise all has been fairly QUIET on the Frontier Of ROCK - the policy of keeping ahead with writing My Exciting Life In ROCK has been very helpful this week, although I'm now back to being only one entry ahead of myself (PREVIEW: DEATH THREATS!), so I'd best get going on that over the weekend. I am also rather looking forward to some MANLY ACTION, for LO! i am not ONLY going to be doing some PAINTING i am also hoping to PLUMB IN a DISHWASHER!

That sound you hear? It is a PLANET OF WOMEN, FAINTING from the sheer TANG of my pheromomes. GRR! Here me ROAR!

posted 16/11/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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Ah, but have you ever changed a wheel on your lass's car? I have! Twice! It's the least twee thing I've ever done. I had to rebalance afterwards by watching the entire first series of The Powerpuff Girls.
posted 16/11/2007 by Pete Green

death threats? this isn't when you run into me is it? ... if it is- this is how you spell Sz
posted 16/11/2007 by Anonymous

someone stole my szeki kurva album.

all together now "come on joshua, come on jemima.."
posted 17/11/2007 by ray k is foreign

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