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Blog: What A Weekend!

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PHEW. You find me KER-KNACKERED, gentle reader, after a weekend whirlwind of ROCK.

ITEM! Played at The Verge on Friday night, and it turned out GRATE. My set went down pretty well, and when Tom came on to play with me it sounded ACE. I STOOD UP, which is the first time I've done that at a non-band gig for YEARS, and thus got cramp in my feet because I forgot to move around. Oops. I was a little trepidatious about Captain Disco coming on to sing the choruses of "Stan", especially after he asked whether I'd mind if he produced a penis shaped water pistol from his trousers half way through... but in the end he was ACE and even though there was pole-dancing and stuff, he sang the singing bits really nicely, and his mate SNATCHED the water pistol off him before he could utilise it. For some reason it made the whole thing Quite Moving. Then The Lovely Brothers played and were FANTASTIC - they were HILARIOUS, also CHARMING, INVENTIVE and EXCITING and I loved every minute of their set. I want to see them AGAIN! After their massive show of brilliance ANY band would have looked rubbish, but the one after them needed no help... over a "rebelliously" loud tuneless dirge the singer intoned "I'm on a list - a capitalist" and was so pleased to have thought of such a (meaningless) thing to say he repeated it every second line... so we went to the offie for BOOZE, then went home. HOORAH!

ITEM! On Saturday I went to a PARTY and met a chap who had been to see Teenage Fanclub when we had, agreed with The Love Of My Life and I about "Grand Prix" being one of the best albums EVER, but had been to Glastonbury MORE than I had. GRR! BRILLIANTLY my REVENGE ("Yes, I saw Belle & Sebastian in Glasgow, just after 'Sinister' came out") evened the scores and led to a lengthy chat, only brought to a close by...

ITEM! I went to see I,Ludicrous at the Bull & Gate. On my own - Tim The Celebrity Drummer wanted me to give them a CD to persuade them to do a gig with us sometime. They seemed very nice, but I got the impression they viewed me as a DERANGED FAN (i did look a bit like one at the time i guess) and so I STOLE AWAY from them as soon as possible. The gig itself was BRILLIANT tho, they did tons of stuff but only seemed to be onstage for five minutes. They were much more DYNAMIC, also ROCK than last time i saw them. It was ACE.

ITEM! The very next day I went to ANOTHER Party, this time to celebrate my Nan's 90th birthday. As part of the festivities I did a short SET of Music Hall songs, and it was FUN. Alarmingly, during a fevered rendition of "Chick Chick Chick Chick Chicken" I felt that the assembled siblings, cousins, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and residents weren't giving it large enough, so i shouted "LOUDER!" at them. They sang up after that I can tell you, it was SMASHING.

ITEM! Finally we came home with a large case FULL of about 400 of my singles, to give away at the AAS 5th Birthday Bash. It was KNACKERING.

posted 7/7/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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