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Blog: Working From Home

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I had a lovely day Working From Home Yesterday, as I pretty much ALWAYS do. There's something about not wearing any socks and listening to LOUD ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC that makes database design SO much more fun, I think.

I'd stayed at home SPECIFICALLY because my new computer was meant to be arriving, so when they rang me to say it wouldn't be coming i was ANNOYED. "BAH!" I said "I have taken the day off work and cannot POSSIBLY do the same tomorrow!" I HARRUMPHED, fibbing slightly. I was just about to say "It's SIMPLY NOT GOOD ENOUGH!" when i realised a) they'd rung at 10am to let me know, so i wasn't hanging around all day b) I didn't NEED it today c) they were apologising, and would bring it on Saturday and d) this meant i didn't have to sit around in SILENCE waiting for the doorbell. Ah! That's all right then!

THUS, once I'd got done everything I needed to do, I treated myself to a ROCK AND ROLL SESSION, recording a demo of We're Old And We're Tired (and we want to go home) for the Vlads at HIGH VOLUME, featuring My New Tambourine. While Christmas shopping the other day I saw that Habitat (yes, I Christmas Shop in Habitat, i am DEAD SOPHISTICATED) were selling tambourines, so BOUGHT one... just after knocking down a huge pile of them and made a racket like an indie band slipping down a staircase. ALSO it was fun wandering around the shop with it, sounding like RUDOLPH had come looking for a new SLED.

It sounded quite FESTIVE actually, i may take it with me to STOKE for our Christmas songs! MAYBE!

posted 7/12/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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