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Blog: Even More Knackerisation

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The ONSLAUGHT on ME continued yesterday, as I had to get up at a time of morning usually considered to be FICTIONAL, in order to get to LEICESTER for 9am, for LO! I was returning to my old job one last time to train someone up a bit in learning how to TEND to my pet project, THE GIANT THROBBING BRANE.

I had a lovely day - we wrote HTML to facilitate ASP scripts which generated Javascript programs which created SQL queries... and then had to go out for LUNCH. After that I sat in the middle of a BLAZING ROW which, realising I no longer worked there, i JOINED IN with. THEN there was a power cut for an hour, so I got to sit around drinking coffee saying "Yes, London is GRATE" and generally showing off.

When that was sorted out it was HO! for Mr Whitaker's to drop off some CDs before nipping back in to town to meet Dr Brown and Sorted Supremo Dave Dixey, stopping only to bump into Agent Alice on the way. When I finally arrived, BOOZED UP, at the station, i discovered my train was LATE, and another London train would be coming in before it. I became ENRAGED by a SUPREMELY unhelpful woman in the ticket office, and then CHARMED by an absolutely LOVELY Platform Guard chap who introduced me to a SMASHING Train Manager who let me on to that one instead.

FINALLY, when i FINALLY got on to the Central Line i got BOTHERED by a Chirpy Midget With No Idea Of Personal Space who REFUSED to stop asking me slightly personal questions and slapped me "playfully" around the face before eventually SCAMPERING off down the train to swing on some bars and BOTHER lots of other people by standing far too close and grabbing bits of their clothes whilst saying "Oh why won't you talk to me?"

My dears, it was RUM as ANYTHING!

posted 9/7/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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