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Blog: Into the MURK of THE PAST

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As mentioned last week, I'm currently knee-deep in a CHERISHED PROJECT to work out exactly how many gigs I've ever done, and when they were. Some of this is PEASY - 2006, for instance, was RIGOROUSLY documented, but and since late 1997 I've had an archive of the webpage to go back to, but before then it's all a bit unclear, especially 1995, when I really haven't got a clue what was going on.

As well as not remembering dates there's also the KNOTTY QUESTION of what constitutes a "gig". In recent years I've been quite LOOSE and FREE about this, especially last year in my quest for GIG 50, but in the past much less so. I _think_ radio sessions should count - there's a performance AND an audience and there's a chance people i DON'T know could be there, which are pretty my criteria - but in the past i haven't logged them, so are missing from several years. I also think my brief career in stand-up counts, for the same reason, but surely AMATEUR DRAMATICS don't? HENCE in 1991 I've counted our CABARET CLUB at The Fringe, but NOT the MUSICAL that I played in - is that right? Or should that count too?

The weirdest bit is finding NOTES i wrote over a decade ago saying "Thursday - headline?" What does THAT mean? In that particular case I've got a VERY rough date for it, but no memory of what it actually was. In other cases i have a DETAILED memory of the event, but no clue as to when it happened - The Framlingham Festival, for instance, MY WORD I could tell you some tales about THAT weekend, or the time Brian & The Teenagers held a festival in their back garden, but when - WHEN? - did they occur?

Just in case anyone DOES remember any of these, here's my ROUGH NOTES on the missing gigs:
?/7?/93 Chris's first gig was at Princess Charlotte with Prolapse, an all-dayer
?/6/94 Bull & Gate - Jon Fat Beast gig
?/6ish/94 Solo - Zac's birthday
?/6ish/94 Solo - Supporting a Heavy Metal band?
?/?/94 K-Stars gigs?
?/?/94 Ernie & Joe?
?/?/95 The Council in Nottingham, with Bloom
?/?/95 5 or 6 AAS nights, 3 missing - when?
?/?/95 "Several" spots at City Acoustic Club at charlotte
?/?/95 Council at Physio (doing date booked for "Welcome To The Market")
?/?/96 Solo gigs at Ox and Charlotte Acoustic Nights
?/?/96 "Leicester's GREAT!" at the Ox
?/?/96 Brian & The Teenagers back garden festival
?/?/96 Framlingham Festival!
?/?/97 Hibbett/FPV gigs at the Ox
?/?/97 The Fabiens - Coventry, Physio & Firkin + 2 more
?/?/97 Durham Ox Singers gigs
It's not really very clear, is it? I think, in the New Year, I'll HASSLE some of the other people involved to see if they have A SINGLE CLUE - it's FAR too important to WORLD HISTORY to let lie!

posted 19/12/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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are you sure the Durham Ox Singers gigs were in 1997? I thought they were contemporary to the Lollapaleicester gigs? Which were definitely in 1998. Lazer Guided gigography lists one in Dec 98 at The factory with Twinkie and the Lollapaleicester stage at Abbey Park was summer 99. The DOXsingers single was also 1998 wasn't it?
posted 19/12/2007 by Francis

The single was in 2000! And yes, i guess the gigs would be 1998/99 actually, around the time of Say It With Words and that, will have to recheck.

It was all a very long time ago wasn't it?
posted 19/12/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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