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Oh what a DAY it's turning out to be - we got a GOOD REVIEW! It's from the Indigo Flow newsletter, and it goes like this:
Nearly three years in the making This Is Not A Library has become long awaited by default and the longer time has gone on the higher expectations have become. So has Mr Hibbett managed to deliver? Well, yes. For starters, as well as the 18 great tracks that make up the album you can find another 20 if you put the CD in your computer and access the "futuristic multimedia" (something my aging computer is refusing to do) and it's all painted with MJ's honest and personal take on life.

Subject matter for the album includes national identity (Things'll Be Different When I'm In Charge, The Symbol Of Our Nation), railway privatisation (Holdalls Is The New Name For Midland Mainline Lost Property), Pubs (Last Orders - with mentions in several other songs too), fashion and health (Fat Was A Feminist Issue, Post-Subsonic Bass) and probably a large proportion of things you can think of in between. Special mentions go to the do-it-yourself nostalgia of (insert title here) and the annoyance that an ex-girlfriend failed to live up to her claims and cease to exist on You Will Be Hearing From My Solicitor. Hey, it's all great and there's too much to talk about. Buy it! (AM)
posted 10/7/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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