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Blog: Live On Radio 6!

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Crikey! We just had a telephone call from the producer of Liz Kershaw's show on Radio 6 (Radio 6 is bloody GRATE, by the way, especially the Liz Kershaw show. When I used to listen to it at My Old Job With Speakers she'd ring up listeners who requested songs to make sure she was listening - ACE!). What a nice man he was - he told me that Steve Lamacq is going to be doing the lunchtime/afternoon show for the last two weeks of this month. Apparently, he really likes the album, and is going to be playing some tracks from it, and wondered whether I'd like to go into the studio one day to do a bit of a chat and maybe some live tracks.

I said thank you very much, that would be lovely, and we agreed that Friday August 1st would be convenient all round. I thanked him, put the phone down, and then went outside to leap up and down, squeaking. I mean, crikey eh? BLIMEY!

How exciting! COR!

posted 11/7/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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