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Blog: Things Occur

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Things continue to occur, as we SPRINT towards Release Day. Let's go through the main points, in brief:

  • Radio Play - Lord Litter played "Good Cooking" over the weekend, while that nice Steve Lamacq played "You Will Be Hearing From My Solicitor". HOORAH!

  • Reviews - another review just in HERE on Popex. It's good!

  • Sales Points - Rough Trade joins the list of Approved Stockists for the album, along side Left-Legged Pineapple (Loughborough), Forever Changes (Sheffield) and Reveal (Derby). If you know of any other nice shops who might stock it for us, or indeed RUN such an institution, please let Mr Dresden know about it.

  • Sales Figures - we've just broken through the DOUBLE FIGURES barrier! Expect to see a TOTALISER on these pages, very soon. And don't forget, gentle viewer, if you want to buy a copy of the album NOW you can do so for just 10 quid (and that's INCLUDING p&p) from the MJ Hibbett Online Emporium NOW!

    More news, as it happens!

    posted 14/7/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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