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Work on the video for Do The Indie Kid continues and, indeed, SPEEDS UP as I finally get to grips with how to make Sony Vegas work. HOORAY! I'm now finished up to the end of the second chorus with the third verse half done and a beginning made on the Music Of The Future section.

And I'll tell you what, that particular BIT has been an eye opener in MANY ways vis a vis Things That Appear Difficult But Are Actually PEASY. We recorded about 20 minutes worth of Music Of The Future when we were in the studio, different SEGMENTS of which are available on the vinyl and download versions of the single, and we were surprised how SIMPLE it is. It's almost as if another half an hour's TITTING AROUND could have resulted in a complete AVANT JAZZ album! But... that couldn't be right, could it? That sort of thing, that's ART - it couldn't POSSIBLY be replicated by the likes of US, playing THE GIDDY GOAT, could it? Or could it?

Or COULD it?

And now I find that the same applies to Psychedelic Film Making - being a Beatles Nut i have watched MORE than my fair share of Psychedelic Film "Happenings", and assumed that some kind of HIGHER STATE and/or DRUGS were required, but no! All you need to do is SLOW DOWN and/or SPEED UP different bits of film, and then play three or four things at the same time and WHOA! Suddenly it's HAIGHT ASHBURY and Janis Joplin's popping round for a go on your bong!

A word of warning if attempting this, however - do NOT film your cat and then slow it right down. It is WELL spooky. Brrrr!

posted 3/4/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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