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ITEM! Rather excitingly, the video for Do The Indie Kid is making its way around the interweb, with various people blogging it such as the venerable Freakytrigger, Subclassed, Mr N Raggett, Pauly, Warren and Nic. Thanks everyone, and if anyone ELSE would like to stick it on their page... why, that would be DELIGHTFUL!

ITEM! The aforesaid single is also now available to BUY from Thee SPC along with, well, a LOT of other GRATE stuff!

ITEM! Meanwhile, quite apart from all that, there's a very ukelele-centric interview with ME over at Ukulele Hunt, which rather brilliantly contains a link to the the article which was my main inspiration for picking up a uke in the first place. Let's quote from it DIRECTLY, just because it is so BRILLIANT:
The ukulele allows you to choose.

  • Difficult chords can be changed to easy chords.
  • If you can't play a part, you can skip it.
  • Sing loudly

    These are the three most important points of the ukulele

  • And, indeed, of LIFE!

    posted 8/4/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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    wait, are we all venerable, or just FT? surely ned is more venerable? ;) hi ned!

    pauly is *definitely* more venerable!
    posted 8/4/2008 by CarsmileSteve

    also, did you know you get PRS for youtube plays? apparently it's like a noticeable amount (they cut a deal)
    posted 8/4/2008 by CarsmileSteve

    Should I be ashamed of being able to identify the source of any ukulele quote? There must be better ways for a man to spend his days.
    posted 8/4/2008 by Woodshed

    No, PROUD!
    posted 23/4/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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