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Blog: Radio 2

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HOORAY! That nice Mr Steve Lamacq played Do The Indie Kid on his Radio 2 show last night!

It was RATHER exciting - i had retired to bed in time (i thought) to listen to the whole show, only to hear him say "If you've just tuned in, we're on half an hour earlier from now on." Aha! THEN he said "Later in the show, music from [someone], [someone else], MJ Hibbett and [name obscured by me squeaking]". I DASHED downstairs and DRAGGED The Frequency Of My Broadcast up to bed so we could sit and LISTEN when it came on, and when it did: ZOINKS! I found myself getting NERVOUS, waiting for the The Music Of The Future section - would this be ALLOWED on Radio 2?

It was! It sounded GRATE! HOORAY!

posted 10/4/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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