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The Code Of My Highway and I arrived outside Gramaphone last night to find a Legend Of Indie Rock lurking around, smoking a fag. Close examination revealed it to be Mr Phil Wilson, whom we'd come to see - HOORAH! We went inside and met Pam too, and MARVELLED at their joint slenderness, it was MOST impressive, also all round lovely to see them, as they are ACE. There was chat, there was BEER, there was more chat and it was all rather delightful.

The DELIGHT continued as we went downstairs and met yet more lovely people, had yet more beer, and saw the very mighty Pocketbooks. I have spoken before of how GRATE they are, and this is because they ARE very GRATE indeed, and the pair of us had a vigorous swaying around to them that verged on DANCING. It was BRILL!

After them Mr Wilson came on, EXCITINGLY with not one but TWO June Brides in tow, introduced his set by saying "Hopefully you can Do The Indie Kid to this" - ZOINKS! - and went on to be FANTASTIC. It's very strange knowing him NOW as a lovely chap to be suddenly reminded that he really IS an Legend Of Indie Rock, as all around us people were singing along, grinning like LOONS, and DANCING. OH, the DANCING! There was a LOT of it, especially at the end when Pocketbooks came on and did "Lee Remick" and "In The Rain" for the encore - it was the best bit of a BRILLIANT evening!

This morning: NOT so brilliant. I KNOW that drinking wine and then going off to drink LAGER is a bad idea, as indeed is drinking LAGER anyway, so why do i do it? OH! The REGRET!

posted 11/4/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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