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As mentioned yesterday, Do The Indie Kid is currently one of the Featured Music Videos. This means that suddenly hundreds of people are watching it, and almost as many are leaving comments...

... which means that I spent a large proportion of Sunday clicking "REMOVE" to get rid of some of the more unpleasant ones. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for Freedom Of Speech and all that, but GOODNESS ME there are some not very nice people TYPING on the interweb, some of the things I removed were horrible. Some of the ones I have LEFT, mind you, aren't exactly awe inspiring in their mental dexterity - here's some of my favourites:
"its not loading so i can't watch it so i'll watch later"

"i think you need to act a bit more proffesional with the videos! it deters me from watching it!"

"Not my kinda music. Sorry. :/ "

there miming most of them,a cheek really

"The one thing that stuck in my mind was stripey mans big "

I don't know WHAT that last one's on about... and good grief, is it THAT difficult to work out the difference between "their" and "there"? I mean, i am VERY AWARE that this very blog is somewhat prone to misspelligns and poor tpying, but the whole "their"/"there" thing is ENDEMIC. Come on, The Kids, sort it out!

Some of the comments are very nice, mind you, and some of them make Amusing and Salient Points, for instance:
"like a load of pissed teachers in the staff room "

"Did the world really need another half man half biscuit? I mean the original is already so perfect... "

I can't argue with either of those ones!

posted 14/4/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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Don't forget They're. I used to drive past a city hall announcements board every day. Each day brought new misspellings. "Photagrephers gruop meets 6:00 PM", "Planing Comisien 7:00 PM". Finally, the city ordered the board removed. Problem solved.
posted 14/4/2008 by Jon

A nice easy solution to bad comments is set your settings so that all comments are approved before they are shown. That way you can approve a lot en bloc and filter out the rubbish so it doesn't even show.

I can highly recommend that after having to previously remove comments that were full of swearing or racism on my own channel.
posted 14/4/2008 by Warren

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