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Blog: Ongoing Deletion

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We're still on the front page of YouTube UK, which is all RATHER exciting, although it does mean I'm STILL getting piles of wazzocks leaving comments. If that was all it was then i could cope, but yesterday we started getting video responses too - this APPEARS to be a mechanism where you can... well, make your own response to a video in the form of another video, but ACTUALLY it's a way for people to stick a link to their own stuff directly on somebody else's page, whether it's relevant or, more likely, not.

It's basically the Modern Futuristic version of the quaint olde practice of putting MASSIVE images in the comments section of other people's Myspace pages, except that having not had a video that anyone really wanted to look at that much lately, I was UNAWARE, so went and LOOKED at loads of these to see what was going on... and spent several minutes feeling firstly FLATTERED and then gradually thinking "But... this is nothing to do with our video and a) was done before Indie Kid went up anyway and b) bloody awful!"

It was all a bit annoying, so I PLUMPED for Moderating Comments, which means that by the time I get an email telling me that we've had a video response it has DISAPPEARED, as they realise it's moderated and so won't get through! It ALSO means that normal comments are moderated, and I can't help noticing that the STUPIDER the comment, the MORE times someone will post it before they work out why it isn't going straight onto the webpage!

Still, apart from this light chafing it's all really rather lovely, and now that it IS moderated it seems that the nice comments FAR outweight the stupid/hideously offensive ones. HOORAH for the interweb!

posted 16/4/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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yeah, Im here fresh from Youtube. Awesome songs, And yeah, comment validation on Youtube is one of its better features.
posted 17/4/2008 by Anonymous

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