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You find me SLEEPY once again today, as last night I went out for BEERS with my good friend Mr Myland - normally this would be nothing but DELIGHT, but this time i was already KNACKERED from Totally Acoustic the night before, so I fear I did not stay the course, even though we were in a pub doing St George's Day Beer Offers WITH an extra 50p off for CAMRA members! 2 pounds a pint!!

SIDEBAR: this whole business of "Ooh, we're proud to be English, let's celebrate St George's Day in a stroppy show-offy way" - it's not very, well, ENGLISH, is it? In the pub last night they had loads of flags hanging up, which was just a bit TACKY, and some of the bar staff had been forced to wear red and white jester's hat. I don't want to be UNKIND, but it was all a bit AUSTRALIAN. Still, at least that's better than many of the ONLINE versions, which predictably degenerate within MINUTES to people saying "Thiss is surpossed to be Engerland for ther Englash! Vote BNP!"

I personally think we should celebrate our national DAY in the national WAY: at home, with a cup of tea, NOT MAKING A FUSS.

ANYWAY, in jollier news, there are now a few PICTURES from Tuesday night up on FLICKR, courtesy of Warren. Especially pleasing: Frankie Machine, caught in possession of a ukelele!

posted 24/4/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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posted 24/4/2008 by Warren

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